A Day in the Life Of A Solo Practitioner

It is settled. Lawyers work long hours on the regular and they mean commitment.  A legal counselor’s day-to-day activities are dependent on their area of practice. But what brings them together is their habit of being the first to arrive in the office each morning. Contrary to how glamorous they were depicted in films, a… Continue reading A Day in the Life Of A Solo Practitioner

Keeping Information From Cyber Attacks

Unauthorized access to your private systems can potentially steal sensitive and confidential information from your law firm.   According to Rule 1.6 of the Rules on Professional Conduct, “A lawyer shall make reasonable efforts to prevent the inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client.”  … Continue reading Keeping Information From Cyber Attacks

What Do We Know About Burnout in The Legal Industry?

Lawyers often get overwhelmed by work. By nature, their job is incredibly stressful. And with the pandemic crisis, their work even got more exhausting. The highly demanding workload, industry competition, and their clients’ expectations all serve as factors in putting law professionals into burnout.   But what does burnout mean? Sure, we get tired. But… Continue reading What Do We Know About Burnout in The Legal Industry?

The Cost of Upgrade

Finding out that a solo practitioner struggles to reduce time spent on administrative tasks on top of many other things needed to do to run the firm is not shocking at all. In addition, there is little to no demand in the market, and upgrading a business at this rate is downright challenging. That is… Continue reading The Cost of Upgrade

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