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We provide solo practitioners and small law firms with Virtual Legal Assistants that can do different tasks for the firm. Perfect for law firms that wants to try scaling without the massive operation expenses scaling brings.

Our Virtual Legal Assistants have versatile control to ensure seamless administration of duties and functions within the firm. They will take over data entry, calendar management, and connect with clients through inbound and outbound calls.​

Our Virtual Legal Assistants have stellar proficiency in correct, accurate, and straightforward writing. This helps you focus more on lawyering without worrying about document technicalities. They can also transcribe meetings, depositions, and other requirements of legal communication.​

Our Virtual Legal Assistants go beyond the surface. They evaluate the information for reliability and validate sources for integrity, which helps you build strong cases and construct relevant legal contexts.​

How It Works

Tailored Fit Solutions


$8 per hour

$5 per hour on the first month

The Incubator program provides our lawyer clients with a talented Juris Doctor (JD) or a JD Student as a Virtual Legal Assistant. They may lack the US Law Firm experience but their knowledge and passion for the law give them a great advantage despite the obvious handicap.


Starts at $10 per hour

The accelerated program provides our lawyer clients with Virtual Legal Assistant talents that are experienced and tailored fit to the job description of their law firm’s needs. These talents have undergone rigorous skills matching and premium recruitment screening. They can start right away with the tasks with minimal onboarding process on the lawyer’s part.

How It Works

Our Expertise

Personal Injury Law​

Wills and Estates Law​

Trademark Law


Family Law

Business Law

  • Legal research support for case arguments

  • Arranging of medical chronologies

  • Collection of medical and billing records and summaries
  • E-filing and admin tasks support
  • Legal research and drafting support for Wills
  • Westlaw and legal forms management
  • Provide legal research support for office acctions feedback from USPTO
  • Provide due diligence for new applications and evidence-gathering for possible cases
  • Drafting of USPTO application
  • Discovery related tasks
  • E-filing
  • Legal research and drafting
  • Phone support (Client intake, check-in, and coordination
  • Legal research and drafting
  • Assisting in mediation or deposition hearings
  • Contracts drafting
  • Handling the drafting and research for Bankruptcy law: Chapter 7, 11, and 13 Cases
  • Client intake and communications

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